What is an Advertising board?

What is an Advertising board?

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An advertising board is a website that allows you to promote your website on the first page. The first thing people see is your ads. An Advertising board (Adboard) Has premium ads and regular adboard ads displayed. Most adboards have these two sections in two different colors. See an example here. As you can see the premium section is in green, while the regular board ads are in yellow.             

 Why is an Adboard Beneficial?
The free exposure to your website.  Most Adboards are free to sign up and you can upgrade at any time. Depending on the Adboard, the upgrade would be affordable.  Advertising on an adboard is free all the way around. Who doesn't want free traffic to their website?

No. You can sign up to the adboard for free and start posting. Depending on what the adboard has to offer, you can post at least three times a day.  As a free member, your ads can stay on the board for up to seven days. If you upgrade your price could be at three dollars and up. It depends on the adboard you joined, 

If you want to join a board, feel free to click here

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